TNPL Fantasy League on KhelChamps

What is the TNPL Fantasy League?

TNPL stands for Tamil Nadu Premier League. It is an actual Twenty20 Premier League played in the state of Tamil Nadu. It commenced in the year 2016. Every year, the Tamil Nadu Premier League is played in the months of July and August. The game represents the eight districts of Tamil Nadu. Till now, four seasons for the Tamil Nadu Premier League have been played.

The TNPL Fantasy League is an online gaming platform that allows players to virtually play using real participants of the TNPL matches. You can be a part of the TNPL Fantasy League by downloading the fantasy cricket app from KhelChamps website on your smartphone.

How to Play TNPL Fantasy League 2020 on KhelChamps?

To be able to participate in the TNPL Fantasy League, you need to first download the Fantasy Cricket app from the KhelChamps website. The app is designed to be compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Once the app has been downloaded, you need to install it on your smartphone device.

You need to sign-up by creating an app id. You will have to use this account each time you play on the KhelChamps website or app. The KhelChamps website has different game options. You need to choose cricket to be able to participate in the TNPL Fantasy League. You need to pick the specific match you wish to participate in. You also need to verify your details while signing up.

The Point Distribution System on KhelChamps for TNPL Fantasy League 2020

The different aspects of batting, bowling and fielding are taken into account while deciding the points system for TNPL Fantasy League. The player has to select his team. The points he earns in the game depends on how his players perform in the team.

Here we have explained how the points are achieved by the players on the TNPL Fantasy League:

  • Each cricketer who is part of the starting 11 team earns 3 points to the player.
  • The captain earns you 2x points while the vice-captain earns you 1.5x points.
  • Each time your TNPL Fantasy team takes a wicket (except for run out), you get 12 points.
  • You are rewarded 4 points each time your team takes a catch.
  • For each run out by your team, you get 4 points.
  • Each time a player gets stumped out by your TNPL Fantasy team; you earn 6 points.
  • You earn 1 point for each run scored by your TNPL Fantasy team.
  • You get a -1 when any member of your TNPL Fantasy team gets out for a duck.
  • Your team gets 4 bonus points for a 4-wicket haul.
  • You get 7 bonus points when any cricketer in your TNPL Fantasy team makes a century.
  • You get 4 bonus points when any of your cricketers make a half century.
  • You get 1 bonus point when a cricketer from your TNPL Fantasy team hits a 4.
  • You get 2 bonus points when a cricketer from your TNPL Fantasy team hits a 6.

What are the rules and prizes for the TNPL Fantasy League?

It is easy to understand the rules governing the TNPL Fantasy League. You simply need to join multiple matches using your TNPL Fantasy League team. You need to use your knowledge and expertise in cricket while selecting the team. You are allowed to select upto 6 fantasy teams at a time. You need to select the captain and the vice-captain carefully as they earn more points for you. Check the past performance as well before selecting your team.

You are just allocated 100 credit points. You need to use these credit points wisely to select the ideal TNPL Fantasy Team. The prize for the match will depend on the type of contest you have selected. The more matches you join, the greater your chances of winning points.

When will the TNPL Fantasy League 2020 start?

The TNPL Fantasy League is played in July and August each year. The matches commenced in the year 2016 and till now 4 TNPL Fantasy Leagues have been played. The dates for the TNPL Fantasy League 2020 have not bee announced yet. The winners of TNPL Premier League 2019 was Chepauk Super Gillies. They are alsothe team to win the maximum number of titles so far.