Play Qatar Fantasy League on KhelChamps App

What is the Qatar Fantasy League?

The Qatar Cricket Association organised the inaugural edition of the Qatar T10 League. It was arranged with the assistance of the International Pro Event from 7 December 2019 to 16 December 2019. The Qatar T10 League Tournament has been approved by the International Cricket Council.

The Qatar Fantasy League is a fantasy game played using real players at the same time as the Qatar T10 League. The dates for 2020 Qatar Fantasy League have not been announced yet.

How to Play Qatar Fantasy League 2020 on KhelChamps?

If you wish to participate in the fantasy qatar league, you need to download the fantasy gaming app from the KhelChamps website. The app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. You need to download the app and install it on your device. You then need to verify your details to sign in to KhelChamps.

Once this is done, you can choose cricket from the different games available on KhelChamps. You will see a number of matches and tournaments listed on the KhelChamps app for cricket lovers. You need to select the fantasy qatar league to be a part of these contests.

The Point Distribution System on KhelChamps for Qatar Fantasy League 2020

The points distribution system for the T10 matches like the Qatar fantasy is slightly different from the T20 matches. Here we have shared all information you will require about points system for fantasy qatar league. Check it out:

  • You get a 16-points bonus when a cricketer from your team makes 50 runs.
  • You get an 8-points bonus when a cricketer from your team makes 30 runs.
  • You get 2-points bonus when a cricketer from your team hits a 6.
  • You get a 1-point bonus when a cricketer from your team hits a 4.
  • You get 1 point each time a cricketer from your team makes a run.
  • You lose 1 point when a cricketer from your team gets out for duck.
  • You get rewarded 25 points when a team member takes a wicket.
  • You get rewarded 16 points when a bowler from your team makes a maiden over.
  • You get a 2-wicket haul bonus of 8 points and 3-wicket haul bonus of 16 points.
  • You get rewarded 12 points when a cricketer from your team makes an opponent run out or stump out.
  • You get rewarded 8 points for a catch out by your team.
  • You get rewarded 4 points through the thrower for run out.

Now that you have grasped the rules for fantasy qatar league matches, you can use the knowledge and expertise related to cricket matches to win. Make sure to select the right cricketers for the team to win these matches. Check the performance of the players to get a better idea on whom to select.

What are the rules and prizes for the Qatar Fantasy League?

It is extremely easy to grasp the rules for the fantasy qatar league. You need to login to the KhelChamps app and select the contests you wish to join. You need to select your team carefully. Assess the past performance of the players and other facts before making the choice. Participate in maximum contests for fantasy qatar league to increase your chances of making money playing cricket on KhelChamps.

When will the Qatar Fantasy League 2020 start?

In 2019, Qatar Fantasy League was held in the December month. The champions of last year’s fantasy qatar league was Falcon Hunters (first title). The dates for 2020 fantasy qatar league have not been announced yet.