Be A Part of the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League on KhelChamps

Kabaddi lovers are in for a treat with the exciting profantasy kabaddi leagues and games on the KhelChamps website. All you need to do is download this exciting app for pro fantasy kabaddi on your smartphone devices. You can then enjoy your favourite local sport right on your mobile phone

What is the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy?

Remember the pro kabaddi league broadcast on TV sets? As fans of Kabaddi, you cannot afford to miss those exciting pro kabaddi leagues on television. Now, you can be a part of the same exciting pro kabaddi fantasy league on KhelChamps.

Designed to resemble the actual kabaddi league games we see on TV; the pro kabaddi fantasy league has similar rules. You can easily get acquainted to the pro kabaddi fantasy games by joining choosing the kabaddi tab on KhelChamps.

How to Play Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League 2020 on KhelChamps?

If you are a new player and don’t know how to go about playing pro kabaddi fantasy league on the KhelChamps app, we are here to help you. To enjoy the pro kabaddi fantasy league 2020 on your smartphone, you need to first download the fantasy kabaddi app from KhelChamps. The app is designed to be compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Download and install the app. You then must sign up with a login id. You will have to use this ID each time you wish to enjoy a round of pro fantasy kabaddi games on your mobile phone. Now, you are all set to enjoy pro kabaddi fantasy league 2020 on your smartphone.

The Point Distribution System on KhelChamps for Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League

Now that you have the app on your phone, you are all set to enjoy pro fantasy kabaddi. Here are some steps you may follow to start off with the game:

  • Pick the kabaddi tab in fantasy games app and choose the pro fantasy kabaddi match you wish to play.
  • You then have to select your pro kabaddi fantasy team of 7 players with the allocated credit points.
  • Pick players carefully based on their past performance.
  • Each team can have 1-3 raiders, 1-2 all-rounders and 2-4 defenders.
  • Be wise with your choice for captain and vice-captain as they earn you more points than other players.
  • You can choose multiple teams and keep. You can choose maximum of upto 6 teams.
  • The team playing the match should be finalised before the match commences.

You need to understand the point’s distribution system on KhelChamps to be able to play better. We have shared the point’s distribution system for pro kabaddi fantasy league 2020 here for your reference:

  • The captain earns 2x points while the vice-captain earns the team 1.5x points.
  • You are allocated 100 credit points. You need to use this to select the optimum pro kabaddi fantasy team to win you the trophy.
  • Each of the starting 7 players in the profantasy kabaddi league earn 4 points each for you.
  • Each of the substitute appearance players earn you 2 points each.
  • If your pro kabaddi fantasy team pushes all the starting 7 players in the opponent team, you get 3 points.
  • If all your starting 7 players are pushed out by the opponent team, you lose 2 points.
  • For each unsuccessful raid by your team, you lose a point.
  • For each successful raid by your team, you get 2-points raid bonus.
  • You are rewarded 4 points for each successful raid touch by your team.
  • You get 5 points for each successful tackle by your team.
  • You get 4 points for each super tackle by your team.
  • What are the rules and prizes for the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League?

    The rules of the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League is just the same as the actual Pro Kabaddi Games. The players can invest on their favourite players online and win money by choosing the best scoring pro kabaddi fantasy team members.

    The more you participate in the pro kabaddi fantasy leagues, you have a greater chance of winning huge sums. You have an option to choose multiple teams (upto 6 teams) to increase your chances of winning more money. Your deadline to fix the teams is until the pro kabaddi fantasy league begins.

    When will the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League start?

    The pro kabaddi fantasy league was launched in the year 2014. There are teams from different parts of India participating in the pro kabaddi fantasy leagues. Patna Pirates have won the maximum number of titles in the pro kabaddi fantasy leagues from the onset.

    The last match of Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League was played in the year 2019. The winning team last year was Bengal Warriors. This year’s dates for the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League have not yet been announced. Just stay prepared for the dates to be declared so that you can enjoy investing on your favourite pro kabaddi fantasy champions on KhelChamps.

    Is Playing Pro Kabaddi Fantasy Safe & Legal?

    Many first-time players worry whether it is safe and legal to play cash games on the pro kabaddi fantasy apps like KhelChamps. The fact is that KhelChamps cash gaming is completely legal. You can enjoy pro kabaddi fantasy league on KhelChamps by adhering to the government guidelines.

    All details about the players have been verified before they are allowed to enjoy cash gaming on the KhelChamps website. The website also has a quick deposit and smooth withdrawal policy. You can withdraw the money you have earned any time after you have earned the minimum amount required for withdrawal. A TDS is also deducted on your earnings at KhelChamps when the minimum threshold is crossed.

    The KhelChamps website has a strong privacy policy and none of your information is disclosed to third party. All the cash transactions happen through banking channels and wallets that are completely safe and secure. Age verification is also done before creating id for online players for cash gaming at the KhelChamps website and app.