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What is the KPL fantasy league?

KPL fantasy league is a virtual game, just like the IPL. While IPL is a nationwide league, KPL stands for Karnataka Premier League. In the KPL fantasy league, players create their virtual teams with the cash that they add to their fantasy sports app. The goal is to select a team of 11 players from 22 players playing the real game. Based on the real players' performance, your fantasy team will get points; this will determine rank and winnings

Started in 2009, KPL has completed 8 seasons, as it was inactive for 3 years. This league's popularity has grown over the years, with the level of cricket stepping up every season. Provident Bangalore won the first season of the KPL, while the Hubli Tigers are the defending champions.

Players from the virtual Karnataka Premier League fantasy team are scored based on various aspects such as scoring runs, taking catches, holding catches, maintaining high strike rate, low economy rate, forcing run-outs, etc. At the end of a match, points are calculated based on these multiple factors.

The craze for fantasy cricket in India is huge, and considering that it is a cricket-loving nation, that doesn’t come up as a surprise. With each passing month, many fantasy cricket apps are coming up in the market. But the app that stands out is the 100% Indian KhelChamps Fantasy App. This App has smooth navigation, is safe to play, provides an amazing experience, has fast withdrawals, and many such exciting features.

How to Play KPL Fantasy League 2020 on KhelChamps?

To get started playing Karnataka Premier League fantasy league 2020 on the KhelChamps App, you first need to download the KhelChamps App. This app is available for both, Android as well as iOS users.

Once you are done downloading the KhelChamps App, register on the same with your mobile number. Then start your KPL fantasy league journey on KhelChamps by creating a user id and setting a password for the same.

Keep playing Karnataka Premier League fantasy cricket on KhelChamps and earn a lot during this KPL Fantasy League 2020 season.

Point Distribution System on Khel Champs for KPL Fantasy League 2020

The fantasy point system takes into account the various aspects of cricket, such as batting, bowling, keeping, and fielding. While the selected captain gets 2x points, the vice-captain gets 1.5x points. Hence, selecting the right captain and vice-captain for a particular game will give you an edge over the other teams in the contest.

Following is actually how the Karnataka Premier League fantasy points will be distributed on KhelChamps during the KPL fantasy league 2020:

Action Points:
Being in the playing 11 3
For each run scored 1
Wicket taken (no run outs) 12
Catch taken 4
Stumping 6
Run Out 4
Dismissal for duck (batsman, wicket-keeper, and all-rounder) -1
Bonus Points:
Four 1
Six hit 2
Half century 4
Century 7
Maiden over 4
Wicket haul 4
Economy Rate (applies only when minimum of 2 overs are bowled by a player):
Between 5-6 runs per over 1
4 to 4.99 per over 2
Below 4 runs per over 3
Between 9 to 10 runs per over -1
Between 10.1 to 11 runs per over -2
Above 11 runs per over -3
Strike Rate (applies only when minimum of 10 balls faced by a player):
Between 60 to 70 -1
Between 50 to 59.99 -2
Below 50 -3
What are the rules and prizes for the KPL Fantasy League?

The rules for the KPL fantasy league are simple. Select any KPL fantasy match, join ‘n’ number of contests with your KPL fantasy cricket team. For any given contest, you can select a maximum of 6 fantasy cricket teams. The rank of your fantasy teams will depend upon the points collected throughout the match.

Creating a fantasy cricket team in KPL 2020 fantasy league requires some cricketing knowledge, ability to analyse various factors such as players’ recent form, pitch type, weather, and so on.

To make a KPL fantasy cricket team, you will have a total of 100 credit points. Each player has a credit value. Ensure that you pick the 11 players within the limit of 100 credits. You can select the team consisting of wicket-keeper/s (1-4), batsmen (3-6), bowlers (3-6), and all-rounders (1-4).

The prize for any match will depend upon the contest type. There are many contests for any match, and for such contests, you can join with multiple teams. So, the amount that you can win depends on all these factors, for sure it is huge

When will the KPL Fantasy League 2020 start?

The 2019 season of KPL fantasy league 2020 started mid-August. While the final was played on 31st August 2019. The Hubli Tigers won the elite title.

The 2020 season of KPL fantasy league was scheduled to start in August, but remains to be seen if that is possible, given the Covid-19 pandemic situation across the country. The matches still might be played with empty stands. While you will not be able to enjoy the match from the stands, you can make real cash by joining contests with your KPL fantasy cricket team on the KhelChamps App.

Get started with your Online Fantasy Sports Journey by downloading the 100% Indian App – KhelChamps.