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IPL Fantasy League

IPL league 2020

What is IPL Fantasy League?

Fantasy IPLT20 League, started in 2008, has gained massive popularity over number of years. It is one of the most popular T20 league in the world. The amount of fan following that IPL fantasy premier league teams such as CSK, Mumbai, and Bangalore have is just staggering. Packed stadiums and roof-raising cheering noise create an electrifying atmosphere. IPL fantasy league 2020 start date is all that cricket fans are waiting for.

Fantasy league IPL 2020 is where you can select your virtual IPLT20 fantasy team based on the real players playing in the game. You need to select a combination of 11 players from two sides during the VIVO IPL fantasy league 2020 that are playing. Based on the performance of the real players, your IPLT20 fantasy team that you have selected for a particular IPL fantasy league game will get points. So, this Fantasy IPLT20 summer make sure you play IPL fantasy league 2020 cricket with your IPL fantasy premier league team and stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes!

Fantasy IPL cricket has seen a massive rise in India and it comes as a no surprise, as the game of cricket is almost a religion in this country. New fantasy cricket sites and apps are coming to the market, bringing some uniqueness along that attract the masses; start using one such app, KhelChamps during VIVO IPL fantasy league 2020. IPL fantasy league 2020 will provide you with enough opportunities to win exciting prizes, so be on KhelChamps during IPL fantasy league 2020 with your IPL fantasy premier league team.

Is IPL Fantasy League Free to Play?

No, IPL official fantasy league is not free to play on KhelChamps fantasy sports platform. This platform will provide you with various contests that you can join to win real cash during the IPL T20 fantasy league and many other leagues. Your cricketing knowledge and ability to analyse will be crucial factors in determining how much you take away from the respective contest that you have joined with your IPL fantasy premier league team.

Various types of contests such as mega, head-to-head etc. go on, joining which you can make real cash. You can choose the contest based on factors such as join-in fee, number of participants, percentage of winners, prize pool etc.

How is the Fantasy Point System for IPL Fantasy Cricket on KhelChamps?

The fantasy point system for IPL cricket fantasy league on KhelChamps is such that your selected captain score 2x points and vice-captain scores 1.5x points. So, choosing captain and vice-captain is crucial if you want to get an edge over IPLT20 fantasy teams set by other participants.

Following is actually how the IPL fantasy points will be distributed on KhelChamps during the VIVO IPL fantasy league 2020:

Action Points:
Being in the playing 11 – 3
For each run scored – 1
Wicket taken (no run outs) – 12
Catch taken – 4
Stumping – 6
Run Out – 4
Dismissal for duck (batsman, wicket-keeper, and all-rounder) – (-1)

Bonus Points:
Four – 1
Six hit – 2
Half century – 4
Century – 7
Maiden over – 4
4-wicket haul – 4

Economy Rate (applies only when minimum of 2 overs are bowled by a player):
Between 5-6 runs per over – 1
4 to 4.99 per over – 2
Below 4 runs per over – 3
Between 9 to 10 runs per over – (-1)
Between 10.1 to 11 runs per over – (-2)
Above 11 runs per over – (-3)

Strike Rate (applies only when minimum of 10 balls faced by a player):
Between 60 to 70 – (-1)
Between 50 to 59.99 – (-2)
Below 50 – (-3)

How to Make a Team in IPL Fantasy League?

Creating a fantasy cricket team in IPL 2020 fantasy league requires some cricketing knowledge, ability to analyse various factors such as players’ recent form, pitch type, weather, and so on.

Making your IPLT20 fantasy team during IPL 2020 fantasy league on KhelChamps is very easy. First of all, you need to select a match for which you are going to set your IPL fantasy 2020 cricket team. Then from the listed players, you need to select a combination of wicketkeeper/s (1-4), batsmen (3-6), bowlers (3-6), and all-rounder/s (1-4).

However, you need to keep one thing in mind. For every fantasy league 2020 IPL team, you will be given a total of 100 credits during VIVO IPL fantasy league 2020. Credit points are assigned against each player, for example, David Warner has 9.5 credits in T20 format. You cannot exceed the limit of 100 credit points while selecting your 11 players. The maximum number of IPLT20 fantasy teams with which you can join a particular contest are 6. You can increase your chances of winning by playing with multiple IPL fantasy 2020 teams.

Once you make your fantasy league 2020 IPL team, you can join multiple contests on KhelChamps. By doing so, you will stand a chance to win real cash by using your cricketing brain.

How to Start Playing IPL fantasy cricket on KhelChamps App?

To get started with playing IPL fantasy 2020 cricket on KhelChamps App, you first need to download KhelChamps app. App is available for both, Android as well as iOS users.

Once you are done downloading KhelChamps App, register on the same with your mobile number. Then start your IPL fantasy league sports journey on KhelChamps by creating a user id and setting password for the same.

Keep playing IPL Fantasy Cricket on KhelChamps and earn a lot during this IPL Fantasy League 2020 season.