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Indian Fantasy League on KhelChamps

What is Fantasy league?

Indian fantasy league is a sport that is played using the internet where participants need to choose a team of the same number of players playing in a real game (e.g. 11 in cricket/football, 7 in kabaddi). These teams then compete based on the statistical performance of those players in the actual game. The performance of the selected players is then converted into points, and based on these points, rankings and winners are decided in the Indian fantasy league. These points can be redeemed in the form of money and get some income.

What are the different leagues available on Khelchamps?

KhelChamps is a 100% Indian fantasy league app that provides a platform for its users to participate and win. KhelChamps fantasy league website and app allow its users to participate in different sports events and leagues, which are taking place all around the globe like cricket, football, and kabaddi league.

Fantasy cricket league

In the fantasy cricket league, the participants must choose a minimum of 11 players with one wicket-keeper, 3 batsmen, one all-rounder, and three bowlers. Cricket fantasy league is mainly based on batting and bowling orders, a slight change in these orders can change the whole course of the game. So, it is crucial in a fantasy cricket league to choose a team with correct batting and bowling orders. Along with International cricket KhelChamps fantasy league website and app provide its users with all kinds of leagues around the globe like Big bash league, Bangladesh premier league, Mazansi Super league, IPL fantasy league, Pakistan super league, T20 Blast and some domestic tournaments like Karnataka premier league and Tamil Nadu premier league.

Fantasy football league

There is no other sport that connects so many people across the globe as Football does. In the fantasy football league, the participants must select a team of 11 players with a maximum of 7 players from one team. Along with international football games like FIFA world cup, Euro Cup, Copa America, and many others, you can enjoy various leagues as well, such as Fantasy premier league, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc. on the best fantasy league app in India, KhelChamps.

Fantasy Kabaddi league

Even though Kabaddi hasn’t been a prime sport like football or cricket, it has certainly gained popularity around the globe, especially after the introduction of its professional league. In the Kabaddi fantasy league, you need to create a team of 7 players with a good mixture of raiders, all-rounders, and defenders. Selecting the right players for a specific match, analysing previous games involves a lot of skills. Enjoy the best of fantasy kabaddi on the best fantasy league app in India, KhelChamps.

How does Fantasy League Work?

Fantasy sport is an online game that involves the selection and competition of virtual teams for points. In the fantasy league, each participant selects his team of real players of a professional sport. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players. The performance of these players is converted into points that are added up and compiled. With these points, rankings and winners are decided. These points can be redeemed in the form of prizes, including money.

Is it legal to play fantasy league in India?

KhelChamps is a fantasy league website that has ensured and followed the guidelines of the state and central legislation in India to ensure that users are fully protected. Fantasy sports are based on the skills of the participant rather than chance are exempted. Fantasy sports are classified as a game of skills where skill dominates over chance, and the result is dependent on the relative knowledge, attention, and training of the participant. The Supreme Court of India has explained the skills in terms of knowledge, analysis, attention, training, etc. This means that the fantasy league apps don’t fall under the regulations prohibiting the gambling act in India. Even though the fantasy league is legal in India, it is restricted in a few states to play like Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkim, and Nagaland.

How much can someone earn by playing fantasy league?

On average, a participant can earn around Rs 500 to 1000. It mainly depends on the participant, the number of teams and contests he joins, and the chances of winning and earning more. So, a participant needs to join multiple contests with multiple teams and increase your chances of winning. Be on the best fantasy league app in India, KhelChamps.

Which Fantasy leagues are active/When will they start?

Currently, there isn’t much sporting activity going around the globe. There are a few football leagues like Bundesliga and Belarusian League, which have started with no spectators on the ground. The only league which is active in cricket is the Vanuatu T10 league. The participants can create their team and join the contests for the above games currently active. Unfortunately, as of now, there isn’t any game scheduled for Kabaddi in the near future. But mostly the sporting activities will get some momentum in another one or two months where we will see leagues and tournaments getting started one by one.

How to download Khelchamps app?

Download the KhelChamps app the best fantasy league app in India, from any of your internet browser (e.g. Chrome), then login/signup using your mobile number, google account, or Facebook account. To get a bonus amount from KhelChamps, select the amount of money you want to add in your wallet and click on the apply button. Lastly, enter the bonus code below and check out the bonus cash given by the KhelChamps app. Bonus cash depends on the amount of money you add in the wallet.

Once you have logged in successfully, select any upcoming matches from the current or forthcoming series to start playing and earning on the KhelChamps app, which is one of the best and safest fantasy league apps in India.