Some Quick Tips to Excel in Fantasy Kabaddi League Matches Online on Khelchamps

Everyone wishes to win in fantasy Kabaddi leagues and matches. However, it is never really easy to win a match. The difference between a winner and a loser in fantasy Kabaddi leagues is in the way they plan their games. If you are one of those fantasy league app players who don’t know how to win these matches, we have shared some fantasy Kabaddi tips to help you out. Take time to understand these pro Kabaddi fantasy tips and inculcate them in your regular gaming. Here is our list of Kabaddi fantasy tips:

Use the Credit Points Prudently

Each player gets only 100 credit points. It is important to use these credit points wisely while selecting kabaddi fantasy team. If you use up most of the points on the first few players, you won’t get to choose the remaining members in the kabaddi fantasy team.

The performance of your Kabaddi fantasy team in the fantasy kabaddi league decides how you score points. If you pick the right members to the team, you can make big money winning fantasy kabaddi games on Khelchamps website and app.

Choose the Kabaddi Fantasy Team Wisely

Here are some simple things to remember while you are selecting your Kabaddi fantasy team members. These kabaddi fantasy team selection tips will help you win the games online:

  • Choose the captain and vice-captain who have a good track record. Don’t forget that the captain of the kabaddi fantasy team earns you 2x points and the vice-captain earns you 1.5x points.
  • You must also select the right number of raiders, all-rounders and defenders to ensure victory in the match.
  • The fantasy kabaddi league app allows you to select maximum 3 raiders, maximum 2 all-rounders and maximum 4 defenders.
Stay Updated with fantasy kabaddi news

You can check the fantasy kabaddi news on Khelchamps to stay updated with the possibilities. The news updates will provide you insights regarding players to update in your team for better performance. You may check the kabaddi team prediction for today's match and get a fair idea whom to select. These hints will help you make an optimum choice regarding the team members. You can rely on today’s kabaddi team prediction to get a better idea what the experts think about the team’s performance.

Try All Different Combination

Players have an option to make multiple teams. This is the reason why you need to try out different permutations. It will help you check out different options for winning. It is also known that multiple team options enhance your chances of winning the fantasy kabaddi leagues on Khelchamps. The fantasy kabaddi app allows you to make as many as 6 teams at a time. This helps you plan your teams effectively for winning.

Player History Regarding Getting Cards

The players may be given green card, yellow card or red card in the matches based on their performance. These cards tend to reduce points of the players and so your team too. It is thus best to choose players who have had least number of cards in their playing history. When a player gets a green card, he loses 2 points; when he gets a yellow card, he loses 4 points and when he gets a red card, he loses 6 points.

Look for players who have had more successful tackles. You also need to check whether records and other game related predictions before planning your game. These minor factors may also affect the game greatly.

These fantasy kabaddi tips will help you during the game. Play and practice to enhance your kabaddi gaming skills. You may then be a champion at winning money by playing kabaddi fantasy leagues online on Khelchamps. Download your KhelChamps fantasy kabaddi app now!