Be a Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League Champion on the KhelChamps App

Are you a Kabaddi fan who is eager to explore this Indian fantasy game on their smartphone app?

Then KhelChamps app is the right place for you. This is one place where all Kabaddi fantasy lovers can enjoy online Fantasy Kabaddi gaming and also win cash prizes. If you are a novice and confused how to go about with the app, we are here to guide you. Here we have answered all your queries regarding fantasy expert 11 kabaddi gaming on the KhelChamps app.

What is a Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League?

A Pro Kabaddi League on KhelChamps app allows Kabaddi lovers around the world to enjoy this game on their smartphones. People who have downloaded the KhelChamps app can play kabaddi fantasy game on their smartphones. They can also join the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League to win some cash online. An expert at fantasy Kabaddi can make some quick bucks with this fantasy kabaddi gaming app on KhelChamps.

How to Join a Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League on the KhelChamps App?

You need to visit the KhelChamps kabaddi fantasy sites and download the app on your smartphone. Once this is done, you can login to the app and create your account. On this app, you need to choose the Kabaddi tab in order to play kabaddi fantasy game. Once this is done, you need to pick the match you wish to be a part of. Now you can go ahead and play kabaddi on your favourite kabaddi fantasy app.

How to Play Kabaddi on the KhelChamps App?

There are some steps to follow if you wish to play kabaddi online on kabaddi fantasy app. We have shared these steps below. Once you have created the KhelChamps account, you need to select between cash gaming and regular gaming. You will have to link your account with KhelChamps to join Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League. Kabaddi fantasy game is designed to ensure complete entertainment for lovers of this popular Indian kabaddi fantasy game online.

Steps to Follow to Create a Fantasy Kabaddi Team on the KhelChamps App

You will be allocated 100 credit points. You need to select your team for Kabaddi fantasy game using these credit points. Choose the captain and vice-captain for your fantasy kabaddi dream team prudently. You must remember that the captain earns 2x points while the vice-captain earns 1.5x points. You can make up to 6 teams at a time and do not need to limit yourself to just one team to win the game. Increase your chances of winning the kabaddi fantasy game by choosing multiple teams. Once you have chosen the team, go ahead and select the contest you wish to win. Start playing.

How are the Points Distributed in Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League?

You need to understand the distribution of points in the kabaddi fantasy game if you wish to win. Here we have shared a brief description regarding the same:

  • The captain earns 2x points while the vice-captain earns 1.5x points.
  • Each player who is part of the first 7 in the kabaddi team earn 4 points each just for being a part.
  • Any player who is introduced as a substitute earns 2 points.
  • If the starting 7 get all out, the gamer loses 2 (gets -2) points.
  • Players of the starting 7 earn 3 points if they push all out in the opponent’s team.
  • If an opponent raider gets out, the team gets 4 raid touch points.
  • The team loses 1 point (gets -1) for each unsuccessful raid.
  • The team gets raid bonus of 2 points for the successful touchdown of the opponent on the opponent’s team line.
  • When a raider is successfully pushed out of the game, the team receives 5 points for successful tackle.
  • If an on-field team of 3 or less win a tackle, they are rewarded 3 points for the super tackle.
  • The player is given a green card (-2 points), yellow card (-4 points) and red card (-6 points) based on the player’s activity on field.

What are the Features of the KhelChamps App for Kabaddi Gaming Online?

Some unique features of the Fantasy Kabaddi gaming are as follows:

  • The app is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices
  • The online kabaddi fantasy game is as close to the real Kabaddi game as possible.
  • Play kabaddi online to win huge sum of money. The more you play kabaddi fantasy game online, the more are your chances of bagging huge sums.

Is It Safe and Legal to Play Kabaddi Online on the KhelChamps App?

Yes, the KhelChamps website is a completely safe place to play Pro Kabaddi League online. The app allows only verified users to play. The app abides by the government laws and any violation of laws is not tolerated. The 3-d secure authentication ensures trusted third-party payment gateways.

The app only allows players above 18 years of age. Multiple ids for the same users are not permitted. A secure method is used to monitor the accounts and ensure they stick to the legal norms. A TDS is also deducted from the amount won if crosses the minimum threshold ensuring completely legality.