Enjoy Kabaddi Online on The Fantasy Kabaddi App on Khelchamps

Indians love Kabaddi, their local street game. Here is how you can enjoy the fun of fantasy Kabaddi games on the Khelchamps app. All you need is to follow some simple steps and get the Khelchamps Fantasy Kabaddi fantasy kabaddi app on your smartphone. We will guide you through the process and help clear all your queries and doubts.

Steps to Download and Install Fantasy Kabaddi App

The Khelchamps website has a couple of interesting games you can enjoy on your smartphone. If you are a Kabaddi fan, you have arrived at the right place. You just need to click on the Fantasy Kabaddi option and follow the instructions. You will have to choose fantasy Kabaddi app download and install the top fantasy Kabaddi app before enjoying a fun round of Kabaddi gaming online.

The app has been designed to compatible with all Android and iOS smartphone devices. You can download your favourite game from the Khelchamps website. After you install the fantasy kabaddi app, you need to login and create a player account. Each time you want to play, you need to login from this account.

Rules Regarding Points in Fantasy Kabaddi Gaming

If you have to play fantasy Kabaddi on Khelchamps, you must be thoroughly acquainted with the rules of the game. Here we have shared the rules regarding points for fantasy Kabaddi app gaming for your reference:

  • The captain of the team earns 2x points for the player while the vice-captain earns 1.5x points for the player.
  • Each player in the starting 7 players contributes 4 points to the player.
  • Each substitute appearance in the team contributes 2 points to the player.
  • If all players from the starting 7 are pushed out by the opponents, each player loses 2 points each.
  • If your team pushes all players in the starting 7 in the opponent team, each player gets 3 points each.
  • The players are rewarded 4 successful raid touch points.
  • The players are rewarded 2 raid bonus points.
  • Each player loses 1 point for every unsuccessful raid.
  • The team gets 5 points for each successful tackle.
  • If your on-field team of 3 or fewer players push out all opponents, the team receives 4 points for the super tackle.
  • Individual players on the field may also be given green card (-2 points), yellow card (-4 points) or red card (-6 points) based on their performance on the field.
How to Play Kabaddi on Khelchamps Fantasy Kabaddi App?

Now that you know the rules regarding the points system in the fantasy Kabaddi app, you can consider playing the game. Once you have installed the fantasy Kabaddi app on your device, here is how you can play fantasy Kabaddi league on the fantasy Kabaddi league app:

  • You need to first pick the fantasy Kabaddi league you wish to be a part of.
  • Once that is done you need to create your team of 7 players.
  • You will be allocated a budget of 100 credit points. You need to create a team using these budget points prudently.
  • You can check the performance of the captain and the vice-captain in the previous matches before selecting them. Since they earn you more points than other players, you need to choose wisely.
  • As the player, you can update your team members any time before the match actually starts.
Distinguishing Features of Fantasy Kabaddi App

People enjoy playing fantasy Kabaddi on the Khelchamps fantasy Kabaddi app because of the following reasons:

  • The fantasy Kabaddi app has designed the fantasy Kabaddi leagues to resemble the real Kabaddi matches as closely as possible.
  • The rules for the points in fantasy Kabaddi leagues are similar to those in actual Kabaddi tournaments.
  • This is an excellent opportunity for all Kabaddi lovers to explore their Kabaddi gaming and also make some quick bucks with cash gaming.
  • The fantasy Kabaddi app is designed to be compatible with all Android and iOS devices.
  • The fantasy Kabaddi app allows you to enjoy Kabaddi gaming anytime and anywhere with a good mobile phone device and wi-fi connection.
Reasons to Choose Khelchamps for the Unique Fantasy Kabaddi Gaming

Being the best on the fantasy Kabaddi app list, the Khelchamps’ kabaddi fantasy app is liked because of the following reasons:

  • It is compatible with most modern smartphones and mobile phone devices.
  • Playing on the kabaddi fantasy app may also help you win some quick bucks through your Kabaddi gaming skills.
  • There are interesting matches to pick.
  • You can enjoy Kabaddi fantasy league anytime and anywhere.

So, wait no more! Go ahead and download the best KhelChamps Kabaddi fantasy app to enjoy endless gaming between work hours.