Play Indian Fantasy Football League on KhelChamps

What is the Fantasy Indian Football League?

The popularity of fantasy sports, especially fantasy football, has grown exponentially in recent years. An Indian football league, has been actively watched and followed by the avid football lovers. The football fantasy league is where the users can create their virtual football team before any live football game. Here, you need to select 11 players for your Fantasy football team from the 22 players playing the game. For you to make a decent team, you need to have some footballing knowledge, take into consideration players’ recent form, two opponents and their history, and various other crucial factors. Depending on the performance of the real players that are part of your Fantasy football team, your team will get points that will determine your rank in a contest and the cash winnings.

The standard of Indian football is constantly going upwards, pulling the crowds to the stadium. Plus, the involvement of foreign players and coaches is enabling us to understand the game better and increase the pace and accuracy. This has led to the active participation of many people in the Fantasy football league.

In any fantasy football league team, the assigned captain scores 2x points and the vice-captain scores 1.5x points. Make sure that you select the players smartly while making the fantasy football league team, especially the captain and the vice-captain.

How to play Fantasy Football League at KhelChamps?

To join the India fantasy league on KhelChamps, you first need to download KhelChamps app. The app is available for both, Android as well as iOS users. Once you are done downloading KhelChamps App, register on the same with your mobile number. Then start your Indian super league fantasy journey on KhelChamps by creating a user id and setting a password for the same.

To play Indian fantasy league 2020, you need to select the football tab on the app. Then select any match under the Indian fantasy league. Once done, set your Indian fantasy league fantasy team and then join any contest or contests that you deem suitable.

Now, you can create an Indian fantasy league 2020 team by selecting 11 players (max of 7 players from one side contesting the match). You are allotted a total of 100 credit points to make your best possible Fantasy ISL team. Every player has certain credit points assigned against him. You can’t exceed the limit of 100 credit points, make sure that you select a formidable fantasy team within the set limit of 100 credit points.

Players can be selected from goalkeeper (1), defenders (3-5), midfielders (3-5), and striker/s (1-3) categories. Captain and vice-captain play a crucial role in your virtual team winning big. Captain gets 2x points while the vice-captain gets 1.5x points. Enjoy the best of Indian fantasy league 2020 by joining various contests with your fantasy football team.

How does the Fantasy Football work each week?

For a given week, you need to take into consideration the number of football matches being played. Before any given match, you can join multiple contests with multiple teams. Trying various combinations, based on the expected outcome, will increase your chances of winning significantly.

Each week you can win a massive amount on KhelChamps by joining multiple contests with your fantasy football team.

How does the point system work on KhelChamps for Fantasy Football?

The point system on KhelChamps is such that the assigned captain of your Indian fantasy team gets 2x points, while the vice-captain gets 1.5x points. Hence, these 2 players can make a massive difference to the total points scored by your Indian fantasy league team.

Following is how the points will be distributed to each player on KhelChamps while playing Indian fantasy league 2020 or other football leagues:

Playing Time:
Player playing 55 minutes or more – 2
Less than 55 minutes – 1
For every goal scored - 10 (GK/Defender)
For every goal scored - 9 (Midfielder)
For every goal scored – 8 (Forward)
For every assist – 5
For every 10 passes completed – 0.5
For every 2 shots on target – 1
Clean Sheet – 1 (Midfielder)
Clean Sheet – 5 (GK/Defender)
For every 3 shots saved – 2 (GK)
For every penalty saved – 9 (GK)
For every 3 successful tackles made – 1
Cards and other Penalties:
Yellow card - (-1)
Red card – (-3)
For every own goal – (-2)
For every 2 goals conceded – (-1) (GK/Defender)
For every penalty missed – (-2)
What is the prize for winning Fantasy Football League?

The total prize that you can win during Fantasy football will depend on the number of matches you joined with your fantasy team/s. Also, the number of contests joined, play a crucial hand in determining the overall winnings. The amount you win, will depend on the performance of the players selected, choose them wisely.

With so much fun and cash winnings on offer, what are you waiting for? Download the KhelChamps Fantasy Football App to enjoy the best of Indian fantasy football league and other leagues around the planet.