Be A Fantasy Football League Champion on KhelChamps

What is the Fantasy Football League?

All the football lovers out there who know the exact ways to beat their opponent in football should try head to head fantasy football to relive the fun. You can join free fantasy football leagues on the KhelChamps app.

The app has options for fantasy football money leagues too for the truly enthusiastic footballers. Enjoy a few sessions of fantasy football league on KhelChamps app to realise football need not be played on the ground. Hit the goals and beat the opponent while staying just where you are with the exciting fantasy football league app like KhelChamps on your fingertips.

How do you join a fantasy football league at KhelChamps?

If you wish to play the world cup fantasy football or the countless other fantasy football leagues, just download the KhelChamps app from KhelChamps website. The KhelChamps app is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices

Once the app is downloaded, you need to install it on your phone and login to create an account on KhelChamps. You then need to login to KhelChamps to enjoy the several free fantasy football leagues available on this wonderful fantasy football gaming app.

How to play fantasy Football league?

Are you eager to try your luck at football gaming online on KhelChamps? Then start by creating a fantasy team for your fantasy football match. After that you need to pick from free fantasy football leagues to be a part of. There are many interesting fantasy football leagues to join awaiting you on the KhelChamps app. You just need to pick the right league and start playing. It may feel a bit confusing at the start. Don’t worry! Once you start playing a few free fantasy football leagues, you will get the hang of it.

Steps to create your own team on fantasy Football league

Since you are the game manager of your fantasy football league, you hold the responsibility to select the team for playing the league. You need to choose a team of 11 players for free fantasy football leagues.

The team you select should include 3-5 mid-fielders, 3-5 defenders, two goalkeepers and 1-3 striker/strikers. You will be allocated with a budget for selecting the team. The price of each player will be different based on his value in the team. As a manager, you need to submit the team names before the game-week deadline. Being among the best fantasy football league sites, KhelChamps is the best place to enjoy virtual football games online.

A person playing fantasy football on KhelChamps is allocated 100 credit points. He needs to use these credit points to select players for his team. If you are playing the game, select players who will help you win the game. You will have to possess some knowledge in football to master this art of selecting the correct players.

You also have the option to change the team you have chosen in case you have second thoughts. You need to do this before the deadline or the match start time. Here is a brief description of the point system followed on football fantasy leagues on the KhelChamps website and app:

  • The GK/Defender gets 10 points for each goal scored
  • The midfielder gets 9 points for each goal scored
  • The forward gets 8 points for each goal scored
  • 1 point is rewarded for every 2 shots on the target
  • 5 points are rewarded for every assist
  • 0.5 points are rewarded for every 10 passes completed

Features of KhelChamps

The KhelChamps app is completely convenient for online gaming for users with Android and iOS devices. The players enjoy fantasy football leagues on KhelChamps can use the easy deposit and withdrawal feature to play cash games online. Quick withdrawal of the money you win and the option to make limitless money through fantasy gaming makes this app the best place for all the fantasy football lovers.

Is Playing Fantasy Football Safe & Legal?

Yes, playing fantasy football leagues in India is completely legal and safe. To ensure complete safety of the cash transactions while opening a cash gaming account for fantasy football leagues on KhelChamps, the app makes use of 128-bit SSL encryption during all online transactions.

The KhelChamps adhere to government rules while permitting online cash gaming making the process completely legal. If a player wins more than Rs.10,000/-, a TDS will be deducted from the person’s account. The player will also receive a TDS certificate on winning fantasy football leagues.

The contests and privacy policy at KhelChamps have been devised to follow the Indian Government Law. You can access the responsible gaming app KhelChamps anytime and anywhere (except Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, and Nagaland). You may check the terms and conditions on the KhelChamps website to gain more information regarding KhelChamps app functioning.

All mobile numbers of players are verified during account formation. This is the reason why KhelChamps is an extremely secure platform for you to enjoy head to head fantasy football legally.

Which are the current Football Leagues available at KhelChamps?

KhelChamps is the best place to enjoy a vast range of Fantasy Football Leagues. The KhelChamps app also has exciting leagues like Fantasy Premier League, German League and Champions Fantasy League to name a few. Football fans around the world can now enjoy their favourite football leagues on their smartphone devices.