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What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football has gained a massive popularity over the years. But what exactly is it? You have to select virtual team – a total of 11 players from the two teams contesting a given match. Your team’s rank in a contest will depend on the performance of the real players selected in your fantasy football game team. Chances of your team scoring more in fantasy football games will be high if you select players based on their recent form, ground, competing teams, their recent history, list of injured players, and many such crucial factors. Indian fantasy football scene also looks good and is picking up pace with every passing day. You can enjoy fantasy football today on various best Indian fantasy football sites. Fantasy football in 2020 is sure to reach more people and achieve great heights of popularity.

How to create a fantasy football team?

Creating a fantasy football game team requires some football knowledge, ability to analyse various factors such as players’ recent form, rivalry between two teams, and so on.

On KhelChamps, one of the best fantasy football sites 2020, to set your fantasy football team, you first have to select the match. Then join any contest, such as free one with free fantasy football 2020 team, for the selected match to play fantasy football. Here, you need to pick eleven players for your official fantasy football team. Players can be selected from goalkeeper (1), defenders (3-5), midfielders (3-5), and striker/s (1-3) categories.

The other thing that you need to keep in mind while selecting your fantasy soccer team is that you have a total of 100 credit points to do so. Credit points are assigned against each player, so make sure that you select the best possible players within the limit of 100 credit points. The selected captain and vice-captain of your fantasy team will make a huge difference to the total points, as captain will get 2x points and vice-captain 1.5x.

Can I change my squad once I have picked it?

Yes, you can change the selected fantasy football team after you have picked it. But every contest will have a deadline to select / change a squad. The deadline is the match start time. So, ensure that you pick the best possible fantasy football team before the kick-off.

What is the point system of KhelChamps India fantasy football?

Point system on Indian fantasy football app KhelChamps is such that the selected captain gets 2x points while the vice-captain gets 1.5x. So, these two players will make an enormous difference to the total points scored by your fantasy team; select them smartly. You can play fantasy football for money on 100% Indian Fantasy Sports Platform, KhelChamps.

Following is actually how the points will be distributed to each player on one of the best fantasy football sites 2020, KhelChamps: Playing Time:

  • Player playing 55 minutes or more – 2
  • Less than 55 minutes – 1


  • For every goal scored - 10 (GK/Defender)
  • For every goal scored - 9 (Midfielder)
  • For every goal scored – 8 (Forward)
  • For every assist – 5
  • For every 10 passes completed – 0.5
  • For every 2 shots on target – 1


  • Clean Sheet – 1 (Midfielder)
  • Clean Sheet – 5 (GK/Defender)
  • For every 3 shots saved – 2 (GK)
  • For every penalty saved – 9 (GK)
  • For every 3 successful tackles made – 1

Cards and other Penalties:

  • Yellow card - (-1)
  • Red card – (-3)
  • For every own goal – (-2)
  • For every 2 goals conceded – (-1) (GK/Defender)
  • For every penalty missed – (-2)
Can my team lose points?

Yes, your team can lose points if any of your player incurs penalty. Following are situations in which your fantasy team player can cost you some valuable points:

If any player is shown a yellow or a red card due to foul play, your team will lose 1 and 3 points respectively. Scoring a goal rewards you; but if it is an own goal, your fantasy team will be penalized with 2 points. For every two goals conceded, your goal keeper and defenders will be penalized 1 point each. While missing a penalty will cost 2 points. If you feel that you might incur loss, please try playing free contests with your free fantasy football 2020 team.

If any of the above circumstances do not occur, your fantasy team won’t incur any losses.

How to download Indian fantasy football KhelChamps App to Play Fantasy Football?

To enjoy pro fantasy football at its absolute best, you need to download the KhelChamps app. It is available for Android as well as iOS users. Visit one of the best fantasy football sites 2020, KhelChamps and download the version that is compatible with your device. Not only will you be able to take part in cash-rich contests, but also you can play fantasy football for free by joining free contests.

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