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KhelChamps Free Fantasy Cricket App Download & Win Real Cash

Fantasy cricket was bound to be popular in a country like India, where the sport is considered as a religion. There are many new fantasy cricket app 2020 in the market that allow you to play fantasy cricket and earn money. But when it comes to providing the best user experience and security, the best fantasy cricket app is KhelChamps. KhelChamps, best cricket fantasy app, covers cricket all around the globe that includes popular T20 leagues. Also, plenty of international matches are covered, unlike many new fantasy cricket app 2020.

Both the iOS and Android versions of the new fantasy cricket app are available on the KhelChamps website. Download the Indian fantasy app that is compatible with your device and start playing fantasy cricket to your heart’s content. On the new fantasy cricket app, there will always be a match on fantasy app download.

Undoubtedly, the KhelChamps fantasy app cricket leads the way of the top 10 fantasy cricket app list. Once you are done with the fantasy cricket league app download, register on the same with your mobile number. Create a user id and set a password to start your fantasy sports journey on KhelChamps, the best cricket fantasy app.

How to get started playing Fantasy Cricket on the KhelChamps App?

To get started on IPL fantasy league app, you will need to select a match from the list of available matches. Once the match is selected, choose the contest/s you want to join. After entering a contest, make a formidable fantasy cricket team that you think could lead you to massive winnings. For a given contest, you can select a maximum of 6 teams.

A team is a combination of players from two playing sides on a given day. Select the best possible 11 players from a combination of wicket-keeper/s (1-4), batsmen (3-6), bowlers (3-6), and all-rounder/s (1-4). After selecting the 11 players, you have to choose the captain and vice-captain for your team. The selected captain gets 2x points, while the vice-captain gets 1.5x points. You only have a total of 100 credits to select the 11 players for your fantasy cricket team on Indian fantasy league app.

The points are given according to the performance of the real players. Depending on the points, your team’s rank will be decided, and the rank will determine your winning amount on new fantasy cricket app 2020.

How the KhelChamps app looks like?

When you open the app after registration, you will see the following screen:

At the bottom right-most side, click the MORE option to see the options. Once you click the MORE menu, you will get the following screen:

The Add Cash screen looks like follows:

To join cash contests, you will need to add some balance in your cash wallet. You can apply a bonus code and join the contest at a lesser price.

Under View Transaction section, you can check the type of transaction done within a certain period. How to Play section of the KhelChamps, best fantasy cricket app, will guide you through the process of setting up your team and joining contests with it.

The Refer a Friend screen looks like follows:

You can send an invite code to your friend. You will get 100% free bonus when your referred friend deposits a minimum of Rs. 50

The Fantasy Point System section shows how the points are distributed to players across various formats of the game. The About Us section gives you a perfect idea about what the KhelChamps App is about.

The Fair Play Policy section looks like follows and guides you through the fair policies followed by the KhelChamps App

The FAQ section will guide you through the common questions related to fantasy cricket on the KhelChamps App.

Reasons to play fantasy cricket on KhelChamps, the Top Fantasy Cricket App?

User-Friendly App:

KhelChamps App is designed in such a way that you can navigate from one page to the other with ultimate ease and within no time. This not only enhances the user experience but also comes in handy in situations where you are running out of time while setting your fantasy cricket team.

Safe Gaming Platform:

While it is absolute fun to use KhelChamps, Indian fantasy app, it also one of the most secure fantasy sports platforms. Also, Responsible Gaming is followed to guard any player from the unfavourable situation. The is designed in adherence with the Indian Law, so using it is absolutely legal.

Refer a Friend Offer:

Not only you, but your friends also deserve to be on one of the best online fantasy sports platforms – KhelChamps. To serve this purpose, KhelChamps has an offer in place – Refer a Friend.

How does Refer a Friend Work?

First of all, open the KhelChamps app. Then go to the ‘More’ tab. Now select the ‘Refer a Friend’ option. Send the invitation code to your friend.

Your friend has to download the app and use the referred code. After doing so, once he deposits a minimum amount of Rs. 50, you will get a 100% bonus upto Rs. 1000.

Use the bonus to join contests that you deem suitable after analysing various factors such as teams involved, pitch type, weather conditions, players’ form, and so on.

Bring out your competitive side by creating and joining private contests along with your friends! Check who has more sporting knowledge in your friend circle.

Multiple Contests – Your Chance to Win Big!

Increase your chances of winning exponentially by joining multiple contests on KhelChamps. Various contests such as Mega, head-to-head, winner takes all, private, free, and hot contest. Analyse players’ form, pitch conditions, and various other crucial factors to understand which contest is likely to give you good returns.

24X7 at your service:

KhelChamps offers round the clock support to its players, ensuring that every doubt is cleared then and there. If you get stuck at any point in time, please feel free to raise a query at Among the best free fantasy football apps, the KhelChamps App ranks pretty high.

Download the KhelChamps App now and embark on your exciting journey of fantasy cricket.