Fair Play Policy - Khelchamps

Fair Play Policy


Khelchamps.com believes in equality throughout its entire system. Every user gets an equal & maximum of 100 credit points while selecting a fantasy team. The database of players is open to all users & everyone is bound by the same rules & regulations while making their selection. Only a specific number of players can be selected from a real-life team. Also, there is a max & min limit for “type of players” (e.g. batsman, striker, raider, defender, bowler, etc.) that can be considered in every team selection.

Player Credits

A Player’s credit score may change in accordance with the player’s current on-field performance.

Selection Deadline

Initially, the deadline to build a team was set until the time of toss for a specific match. Considering the player's convenience that deadline has been extended till the last minute before a match begins. This deadline will be applicable across KhelChamps Fantasy Cricket Platform. Any rights to change this time period lay entirely with KhelChamps management & in such case, every player will be notified. This rule is used to give equal timing & opportunity to every user to make their selection & not letting anyone make last moment changes before the match begins.

Contest Winners

KhelChamps team has a very transparent policy when it comes to determining winners.

Every match score is acquired from trusted, reliable & reputed third-party sources.

Extremely fast processing & delivery of winning amounts to users’ accounts.

Payouts for every tournament is mentioned prior to the match.

KhelChamps team manages the scoring process in the most trustworthy manner & every scoring is clearly demonstrated & displayed.

User Verification & Protection of User Info

KhelChamps ensures & allows only verified users in our portal. Any violation of policies will not be tolerated from the user’s end. Act like such can lead to barring or even termination. Our winning disbursement policies are also strict; the user needs to verify their account & present valid government recognized ID proof – PAN card, Aadhar card & bank account details. These or alternate additional (if required) documents will be verified. We know you trust us with your valued information like PAN card & bank details. We value your trust & maintain user information with the highest security. User info is only used for verification purposes. Never do we sell or share such data.

Secure Payments

KhelChamps ensures trusted third-party payment gateways with 3-D secure authentication securing every financial transaction. Your credit/debit card details are never stored or shared by us. Any sort of cash transaction is not allowed by us.


KhelChamps is totally against bogus, short cuts or any sort of cheats used for an easy win. We entertain our users with a skill-based gaming platform which is in total accordance with Indian Law.

Contact Us

We at KhelChamps are always ready to assist & help users with all their queries, feedback & complaints. Just contact us.

Players Responsibility

Our website only allows players who are 18 years or older than that. We never tolerate any fraud or bogus identity players nor promote delicacy.

Security measures undertaken during the Game

A player cannot use multiple ids for playing on the same table as it will be considered as money transferring or syndicate playing. Anti-fraud algorithms keep a check on each and every move of the players. Advanced techniques have been employed to assess whether 2 or more players are colluding during the game. In case, the system finds out about any such unethical practice happening on the table; then an auto-alert is raised instantly.

Suspected games are monitored closely; in case a player indulges in collusion then his account is blocked and the funds available in the same are seized instantly.