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Fair Play Policy

We at KhelChamps as fantasy gaming platform take it as our prior responsibility to safeguard fair play ethos in the dome of fantasy gaming. While it is an established fact that fantasy games are based on skills and a systematic bent of mind to play game effectively. At KhelChamps we have adopted several primary measures to ensure seamless user experience and maintain an amusing environment.


We believe in equality throughout our entire system. All the users playing on KhelChamps Web Portal or Mobile App have the same budget, same limits and have to follow same rules to create a fantasy team or participate in a contest.


All the contest on KhelChamps irrespective of matches and their location closes at the match official start time, this ensures that no users get unfair advantages. This deadline will be applicable across all KhelChamps Mobile Application and Web Portals.

Contest Winners

KhelChamps has a very transparent policy when it comes to determining winners. All contest winners are declared publicly along with the winning amount and their team, this helps to build trust in other fellow users as well. Other things considered while announcing contest winners are as follows:

  • Extremely reliable and trusted third party sources used to check and acquire match scores
  • Fast processing & delivery of winning amount to user’s account
  • Pay-outs for every tournament is mentioned prior to the match

User Verification

All the users on KhelChamps are verified for their age and state of residence and we do not tolerate any fraud or bogus identity of players.

Players Responsibility & Security

A player cannot use or create multiple ids for playing on same table as it will be considered as money transferring or syndicate playing. Anti-fraud algorithms keep a check on each and every move of the players. Security measures are undertaken during the game and advanced technologies have been employed to check if the one or more players colluding during the game, in such a circumstance of unethical practice an auto alert will be raised instantly and the player participating in the collusion will be blocked, funds available in the same will be seized instantly which will prohibit the user to play any further.