Play CPL Fantasy League on KhelChamps

What is CPL Fantasy?

CPL Fantasy is an online game where players can select virtual teams of real players. They can win points in the CPL Fantasy League if the players they have chosen in the virtual games score maximum points on the leader board.

The CPL Fantasy Cricket Matches on the KhelChamps app allows cricket fans around the world to make the best of their cricket analysis skills. They can choose players based on their knowledge and this will decide how they perform in the online tournament. What’s more? The players can also win real cash money through these virtual tournaments.

When will the CPL Fantasy Cricket Start in India?

The CPL Fantasy League 2020 dates are not yet announced. There have been delays due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Can You Participate for Free on CPL Fantasy League 2020 at KhelChamps?

No. You cannot play for free in CPL Fantasy League 2020. There are multiple contests listed in the CPL Fantasy Leagues that you may join and win real cash through online gaming. Here you get to use your intensive research and deep cricket knowledge to choose the best players for your team to win more money. The more contests you join, the greater your chances of winning money through online gaming on the KhelChamps app.

How is the Point System for CPL Fantasy in KhelChamps?

The points system for CPL Fantasy League at KhelChamps is unique. Here we have provided a detailed description of the same:

  • Each cricketer in the starting 11 contributes 3 points to the player.
  • Except for run out, individual wickets taken by team earn the players 12 points.
  • The player earns 6 points when opponent team cricketer is stumped out.
  • If a catch is taken by your team, you earn 4 points.
  • You earn 4 points when your team makes an opponent team cricketer run out.
  • Each time a cricketer scores a run, the player gets 1 point.
  • Each time a cricketer from the chosen team gets out for duck, you lose 1 point or get rewarded a -1.
  • The player gets a bonus of 7 points when a cricketer in his team makes a century.
  • The player gets bonus of 4 points when a cricketer in his team makes a half century.
  • The player gets 2-points bonus when the cricketer from his team hits a six.
  • The player gets 1-point bonus when the cricketer in his team hits a boundary (a 4).
  • The player gets bonus of 4 points when his team bowls a maiden over.
  • The player gets 4 bonus points when the cricketer in his team takes 4 wickets.

Understanding how the points system works in CPL Fantasy League will help you score better during these matches.

How to Make a Team in CPL Fantasy Cricket?

It is important for a player to understand how to select a team for fantasy cricket in order to play CPL Fantasy League 2020 on KhelChamps app. Here we have shared a gist about the same:

  • You need to use the 100 credit points assigned to you to select the team for CPL Fantasy League 2020.
  • In the CPL Fantasy Cricket, you can select upto 6 teams and the probability of winning increases when you choose multiple teams.
  • The captain of the team you have chosen earns you 2x points while the vice-captain earns you 1.5x points.
  • You need to select 11 members for your CPL Fantasy League 2020.
  • The team you select may include 1-4 wicketkeeper, 3-6 batsmen, 3-6 bowlers and 1-4 all-rounders.
  • You may analyse the past records and game history for the performance of players before selecting them for your team.

How to Start Playing CPL Fantasy Cricket on KhelChamps App?

It is easy to be a part of your favourite CPL Fantasy League. You just need to visit the KhelChamps website and download the cricket app for your smartphone. The app has been designed to be compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Once you have downloaded the app, you need to install it on your smartphone. You need to create a login id and login with the same id each time you play CPL Fantasy League 2020 on the KhelChamps website.