BPL Fantasy League on KhelChamps

What is the BPL Fantasy League?

The BPL Fantasy League game is designed for all the cricket lovers who enjoy T20 matches. The BPL Fantasy League on Khelchamps allows players to create teams using virtual currency. The popular players of the IPL Matches are shown as fantasy players in this league. The values of players are decided based on their popularity. There are certain restrictions too while creating the fantasy team for BPL Fantasy League. This includes a restriction on the total number of foreign players one can include in the fantasy team. There is a good deal of flexibility in these fantasy cricket games. You may change the fantasy cricket team a couple of times in the midst of the tournament prior to the deadline. The different factors like bowling, batting, fielding, wicket-keeping etc are taken into account while assigning points for the players. Each time a player in your fantasy team scores, you as a fantasy player accumulates points. These points can later be transformed into real money when it crosses the basic threshold.

How to Play BPL Fantasy League 2020 on KhelChamps?

Now that you are emotionally prepared to enjoy a great session of BPL Fantasy Cricket on Khelchamps, just go to the Khelchamps website and download your favourite fantasy cricket gaming app. Once you have downloaded the app on your smartphone device, install it. The app is compatible with Android as well as iOS variations of smartphones. Now, you need to sign up and create an account on Khelchamps before you can login. Once this is done, login and select your favourite BPL Fantasy League 2020 match and start gaming. Since this league is inspired by IPL Fantasy League, you can actually auction for the top players. You have been given a fixed budget of 100 credit points that you may use to choose the players. You need to be prudent with your choice of captain and vice-captain on Khelchamps BPL Fantasy League. This is because the chosen captain gets 2x points while the assigned vice-captain gets 1.5x points.

Is BPL Fantasy League 2020 Free to Play?

No, BPL fantasy league is not free to play on KhelChamps fantasy sports platform. This platform will provide you with various contests that you can join to win real cash during the BPL fantasy league and many other leagues. Your cricketing knowledge and ability to analyse will be crucial factors in determining how much you take away from the respective contest that you have joined with your best BPL fantasy team.

Various types of fantasy cricket contests such as mega, head-to-head etc. go on, joining which you can make real cash. You can choose the contest based on factors such as join-in fee, number of participants, percentage of winners, prize pool etc.

The Fantasy Point Distribution System on Khel Champs for BPL Fantasy League 2020

It is very important to understand the rules governing the points system for BPL Fantasy League 2020 if you wish to score points. Read along and get a grip of it. The points received differ for bowling, batting and fielding. Here is a list:

Players receive the following points during batting:

  • They receive 1 point each time they make a run
  • They receive 1 point boundary bonus each time they hit a boundary
  • The players receive 2 point each time they hit a 6
  • The player receives 4 points for a half-century and 7 points for a century
  • The player loses 1 point (gets -1 point) if he is dismissed for duck

Players receive following points during bowling:

  • Except for run-out, the player receives 12 points for each wicket he takes
  • A person is also rewarded 4 bonus points if he takes 4 wickets in a single match
  • Each time a bowler bowls a maiden over, he is rewarded 4-points bonus

Players receive the following points during fielding:

  • Player receives 6 points per stump
  • Fielder receives 4 points per run-out
  • The fielder receives 4 points per catch

Each player selected to the team of 11 players also contributes 3 points to the gamer just by being part of the team.

What are the rules and prizes for the BPL Fantasy League?

Playing cricket on the Khelchamps app is simple. You just need to select the BPL Fantasy League match you wish to join. Once that is done, you need to select a team of 11 with the free 100 credit points that you have been assigned. Use your points judiciously because you won’t get more points. You need to be wise with your choice of captain and vice-captain as they earn more points than the remaining players in the team. Captain earns 2x points while the vice-captain earns 1.5x points.

The Khelchamps app allows you to win big through online gaming. Increase your chances of winning huge sums through BPL Fantasy League by joining more leagues.

When will the BPL Fantasy League 2020 start?

The first BPL Fantasy League started in the year 2012. The BPL Fantasy League was also held from 11 December 2019 to 17 January 2020. The dates for the next season of BPL Fantasy League 2020-2021 will be announced soon.

Start your BPL fantasy league sports journey on KhelChamps by creating a user id and setting password for the same.

Keep playing BPL Fantasy Cricket on KhelChamps and earn a lot during this BPL Fantasy League 2020 season.