Fastest Century in IPL

We all will agree on this fact that scoring a century in T20 cricket is not that easy as scoring it in ODI cricket. Hence, less hundreds are scored in T20. In the 13-year history of the IPL, only about 60 centuries have been scored till now. Among these, tell us if you recollect, which cricketer has scored the fastest hundred in the ipl. It surely has to be someone who is famous for doing just that.

The Universe Boss

Many cricket lovers in the world will easily answer – which cricketer has scored fastest hundred in ipl. He has nicknamed himself as ‘Universe Boss’, he is none other than Chris Gayle! The explosive batsman for whom nothing is impossible, who has many batting records to his name, the one who has scored fastest century in ipl history.

That Explosive Date

IPL began in 2008, and currently it’s 2021. But the record of fastest 100 in ipl history wasn’t set in recent years, but way back on 23rd April 2013, in the Day/Night match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and the now defunct, Pune Warriors India (PWI). Batting first, Gaye opened with T Dilshan, who scored 33 runs, and remained not out till the end!

Gayle scored the fastest century in t20 ipl in just 30 balls! He needed just 5 overs to reach the three figure mark! That’s just astonishing, isn’t it? That’s not all, he ended up scoring a whopping 175 runs, in just 66 deliveries! Except Bhuvaneshwar Kumar who gave only 23 runs in his 4 overs, all other bowlers suffered his assault of 13 fours and a mind-boggling 17 sixes, enroute to the fastest 100 in ipl history!

Day of Records

So, on that day, Gayle not only scored fastest 100 runs in ipl, but also set many other IPL & T20 cricket records. RCB’s total of 263/5 is one of the highest score in all forms of T20 cricket. PWI never recovered from his onslaught and lost the game by 130 runs. 175 runs became his highest score in all of T20 cricket.

Before 23rd April 2013, the answer to – which cricketer has scored fastest hundred in ipl, would have been Yusuf Pathan, who scored a century in 37 balls against Mumbai Indians on 13 March 2010, scoring his fastest 100 runs in ipl.

Is it Possible again?

So, do you think Chris Gayle’s record of scoring the fastest century in ipl history will ever be broken? And if yes, then by who? As discussed before, it is not easy to score a century in T20 cricket because of the limited number of deliveries available as compared to 50-over cricket, hence, scoring the fastest 100 in ipl history is not an easy task. But looking at Gayle, it is not impossible, right?

How many of you remember that match? Matches like these, where multiple records were made, like the fastest century in ipl history, deserve to be watched again and again. That is, even if someone else breaks Gayle’s record. So, until that happens, the answer to the question – which cricketer has scored fastest hundred in ipl, will remain – Christopher Henry Gayle, a.k.a Universe Boss.

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