Can Better Salaries Inspire Indian Youth to Love Football Better?

Can Better Salaries Inspire Indian Youth to Love Football Better?

Most sports lovers have the special love for cricket as their favourite field game in India. It is partly because of the way this game has been decorated and commercialised. However, the long legacy of India in football should not be ignored. Probably, sportsmen were not much inclined towards football because of the lower pays in this sport. In the recent past, Indian football player’s salary has seen a massive hike. The change in Indian footballer salary may inspire the youth to look towards this game with more ambition. Blooming footballers may wish to choose this sport as their career path.

Some Insights on The Indian Footballer Salary

 It is true that the Indian national football team salary won’t be anywhere close to the salaries of our foreign counterparts. However, there has been a massive leap in the Indian football players salary in the recent past. In the year 2012, a footballer was paid roughly 40-50 lakhs per annum. This salary saw a huge rise the next year. The Indian football player salary per month spiked by atleast 40% the next year. The change in the Indian football player’s salary may have encouraged several players to pursue their dream sport and become a footballer. Back then, the highest paid footballer for India was the Nigerian Striker Odafa Okolie who was paid roughly 3 crore rupees. He played for Mohun Bagan. One of the reasons why many talented footballers do not choose it as a career could be the unsatisfactory Indian football player’s salary paid to Indian players.

Some Probable Changes in the New Rules

A drastic change related to rules for Indian football player salary per month was observed in 2020. An urge was made by the ATK Mohun Bagan FC to Indian Super League (ISL) to eliminate the salary cap for each player. This came as a pleasant news to all footballers. There surely were debates on whether or not this decision will help the future of football in India. Some football fans thought this could be the way to rescue football and help it gain popularity. Others thought this may not turn out to be an appropriate decision.

Presently there are rules regarding the salary cap for each football player in the team. If the club exceeds the decided amount, it will be banned from tournaments or face certain legal actions. Eliminating the salary cap may help the clubs to bring in several more talented players to play on their side. This may also increase the club’s chances of winning the football matches. A decision is not made but this could be one way to bring back the lost glory of football in India.

If you are an ardent football fan, you may want some steps to be taken to help football grow as a sport in India. Football fans are always sharing their views and opinions on different social platforms. They also show their love for football field games by choosing KhelChamps app. This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and is the best place to enjoy fantasy football gaming. This is one place to enjoy football right from your home. Share your views on what can be done to improve the scenario of football in India.

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