Can Indian football team qualify for world cup 2022?

Can Indian football team qualify for world cup 2022?

It is true that India is a country of cricket fans. Yet, football is equally loved by the sports fans of India. India also boasts of a long heritage of football gaming. It is not surprising that so many of the football fans are curious to know ‘can Indian football team qualify for world cup 2022?’. Don’t worry! We have analysed the answers to this question here. Many ardent football fans of India dream of seeing Indian team qualified for world cup football. Here we have shared a little background about FIFA.

Background About FIFA

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has 47 member nations including India. The international governing body of FIFA has assigned 4.5 places for AFC members. The top 4 teams from AFC will directly qualify to the football world cup. The fifth team will have to play home and away play-offs to get selected to the world cup. The Indian fans are eagerly hoping to see the Indian team qualified for world cup football.  Can Indian football team qualify for world cup 2022? Yes, if it makes its position among the top competitors in AFC. Since Qatar is the host to the 2022 football world cup, it has a direct entry to the distinguished football event.

How the Qualification Process for Football 2022 Happens?

The Indian football fans are eager to know will Indian football team play FIFA. The answer to this question can be known better when you understand how the qualification process works. Total 46 teams participate in the AFC qualification that takes place for the FIFA World Cup. The only exception is Qatar since it is the host country. India has 14th ranking in AFC at present. There are basically three qualifying rounds at the end of which the teams are selected for FIFA.

First Qualifying Round

The preliminary round is played by the teams ranking 35 to 47 in the AFC. Out of these, 6 teams will qualify to the next qualifying round. The first round was scheduled from February to March 2019. Since India has a far better ranking, they are not expected to participate in this qualifying round.

Second Qualifying Round

The 34 top qualifiers from AFC and 6 teams that have qualified from the first round make it to this level. The total 40 teams are divided into 8 groups of 5 teams each. Each team must play every team in their group. For each win, the team will get 3 points and for each draw the team will get 1 point. When two teams have the same points, the goal difference will be used to determine which team should qualify. All the top teams of each group will make it to the third qualifying round. The 4 second best teams in each group will also make it to the next qualifying round. India will surely qualify into this round. Is Indian football team qualified for world cup 2022? Answer to this question will depend on their performance ahead. Everyone wishes to know can Indian football team qualify for world cup 2022. All football fans are eagerly awaiting to see what happens.

Third Qualifying Round

Is Indian football team qualified for world cup 2022? Not yet! It will be qualified when it beats its opponent and makes the best scores to qualify from the third round. This is not going to be an easy round as there is going to be stiff competition from teams around the world. If India even manages to come third, Indian fans can dream of seeing their favourite team compete in the FIFA in 2022.

Fourth Qualifying Round

All the teams that finish in third position in the third qualifying round have to compete in this round. Is Indian football team qualified for world cup 2022? This will be decided by how well the players of India play this season. The competition is tough but miracles do happen.

Fifth Qualifying Round

This round will be played by teams in the AFC against other confederations. Reaching this level may seem like a dream. Yet, if our champions really wish, they can surely make this happen.

So, simply cross your fingers and wait for the match to begin. Meanwhile, enjoy fantasy football gaming on the KhelChamps app. This is one place where you can enjoy endless football gaming without stepping on the field.

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