Why was CSK Banned from IPL for 2 years?

Why was CSK Banned from IPL for 2 years?

All those who know the IPL history know that CSK (Chennai Super Kings) is surely among the best teams competing for the title. That is why the question surely comes to the minds of fans as to why was CSK banned. Avid fans of IPL know that CSK is one team capable of winning the IPL. They have always posed a close competition to Mumbai Indians, the champions so far. It therefore leaves the fans of cricket stunned as to why CSK banned for 2 years. Even when people discuss IPL so far, this topic about why CSK was banned inadvertently pops up time and again. If you are one of the big fans of IPL and curious to know about the reason behind CSK banned years, we can help you. Here we have shared exactly what you may want to know about the CSK banned years.

CSK Team in 2013

Chennai Super Kings have always been a popular team in IPL. They have won the IPL title for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. The team gave close competition to other teams in the other matches they played. In the year 2013, CSK was among the top-rated teams for IPL. Everyone was willing to bid highest for this super-performing team. The M. S. Dhoni led team was the general favourite. That is when the huge blow arrived and changed the future of the team.

In 2013, CSK had topped the league. The bowling attack of the team had strengthened with five Indian and five overseas bowlers in the team. Mumbai Indians won the match that season. However, the popularity of the Chennai Super Kings team was on an all-time high. In 2014 auction, CSK had 21 crores to bid. This helped them some fabulous players in their team. The 2015 IPL saw the team lose again to Mumbai Indians.

Spot Fixing and CSK Banned Years

There were talks regarding spot fixing during the 2013 IPL season. On the day of the final between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings in 2013, Gurunath Meiyappan was arrested on the charges of spot fixing. Similar allegations were also faced by Raj Kundra, the owner of Rajasthan Royals team. Both the teams were banned from IPL for two seasons, 2016 and 2017.

What Dhoni had to say?

M. S. Dhoni, the captain of the Chennai Super Kings team, also faced certain allegations. Dhoni reveals that it was the darkest period of his career. He was hurt by the allegations placed on him as well as the entire team regarding spot fixing and match fixing. Dhoni believes that the biggest crime that he can commit is not murder but match fixing. He refuses to be in anyway a part of all the match fixing that happened. He agrees that troubles that don’t destroy you make you stronger. He proves this from the team’s performance in 2018.

2018 Saw Return of CSK

The question why CSK was banned troubled enthusiasts even more because CSK is such a splendid team. All the people who were disappointed by why CSK banned for 2 years and who were eager to watch their heroes at play got this opportunity in 2018. The team Chennai Super Kings made up for their absence with a gallant performance on their return. The focus would never be on why CSK was banned anymore because 2018 witnessed CSK hold the IPL Cup again.

Every team has its ups and downs. The determined captaincy of M.S. Dhoni and excellent players in CSK will now make sure their fans get exactly what they seek. Let us hope that IPL 2020 also witnesses the best performance by the favourite Chennai Super Kings.

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