Who Scored Most Runs in IPL?

Posted on March 10th, 2022

When people discuss IPL, there sure is a debate on who scored most runs in IPL. The enthusiasm for cricket coupled with the eagerness to know more about their favourite players makes this topic a favourite. Many times, viewers debate about who is the highest scorer in IPL without having any knowledge about it too. It is this ignorance we hope to eliminate with the help of this post.

Top Scorers in IPL Cricket

Are you eager to know who is the highest run scorer in IPL? Well, not so soon! Here we will share the best performances of some of the top players of IPL. It will not just help you find out about who scored highest runs in IPL but also about their general performances. Here we go:

Virat Kohli: The name of Virat Kohli is sure to come first to our minds when we discuss about who scored most runs in IPL. Virat Kohli who is the highest scorer in IPL made 5426 runs in the total 178 matches he played. The highest score by the player was 113 runs. He made a total of 5 centuries in his IPL tenure. The player has an average of 37.84 runs in the IPL.

Suresh Raina: Next on the list of those who scored most runs in IPL is Suresh Raina. He made 5368 runs in the total 193 matches he played. His highest score was a 100 and he was the highest run getter in the first 11 editions till Virat Kohli overtook him in the last season.

Rohit Sharma: While making the list of who scored highest runs in IPL, another name that comes to the mind is that of Rohit Sharma. The captain of the Mumbai Indians team has made 4990 runs in the 190 matches he has played. His highest score is 109.

David Warner: Many fans may instantly remember David Warner as the player who is the highest run scorer in IPL. This is because the player has a much better batting average compared to all the others in the list. He has made 4712 runs in the total 127 matches that he has played. His highest score was 126 runs. The strike rate of 140 and the average of 43.17 gives the player an edge over all others in the list. After David Warner, the next best batting average is of Chris Gayle.

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