Who is the owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore?

Posted on March 9th, 2022

Royal Challengers Banglore Owners and Team’s Journey

Who is the owner of RCB 2020, or who is the owner of RCB team 2020? All these questions and the Royal Challengers Bangalore team’s journey is here to read.            

Bangalore Royal Challengers Owners and their team have a strong following that only a few teams can match. Although the coveted IPL trophy has eluded this talented team, the owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore and players are confident of getting their hands on the IPL trophy this time around. Who is the RCB owner is a question that might cross the minds of RCB fans and IPL enthusiasts. All the information about Bangalore Royal Challengers owner follows in the upcoming section.

Who is RCB Owner?

People not only have a curiosity about the RCB players but also like to know about the owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore. Questions like who is the owner of RCB 2020 are often asked when cricket lovers have chai-time discussions.

Vijay Mallya was the first owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He had purchased the RCB team for a whopping USD $111.6 million in 2008. United spirits are the current RCB team owners whose previous chairman and non-executive director was Vijay Mallya. The current Chairman of United Spirits (RCB team owner) is Amrit Thomas, who previously worked as the chief marketing officer at the United Spirits. So, the Royal Challengers Bangalore owner name is United Spirits.

More about Royal Challengers Bangalore Owner Name:

Who is the owner of RCB IPL team or who owns RCB is something that people are always curious about. The reason behind this is RCB team has a very strong fan base, thanks mainly because of players like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers.

The answer to the question, who is the owner of RCB IPL team is United Spirits. It is an Indian-based alcoholic beverage company that was previously owned by Vijay Mallya. United Spirits was previously owned by the British beverage company Diageo.

Who is the owner of RCB in IPL or who is the owner of RCB in 2020 are the questions that we tried to answer through this blog.

The 2 sections above must have answered the questions such as who is the owner of RCB in IPL or who is the owner of RCB in 2020.

The Journey of Royal Challengers Bangalore:

Royal Challengers Bangalore team has had 3 seasons where they came ever so close to winning the coveted IPL trophy. In these 3 seasons, they have finished as runner ups. The best season for RCB has been 2011, where they had an impressive 62.5% winning rate under the leadership of Daniel Vettori and Virat Kohli. The ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle was their highest run-scorer (608 runs) that season, while Sreenath Arvind bagged 21 wickets and became their highest wicket-taker that season.

RCB hit their lowest point in the 2017 season, where they had a very poor winning rate of 21.42%. Virat Kohli was their leading run-scorer (308 runs) that season, while Pawan Negi, with 16 wickets, became the leading wicket-taker for RCB that season.

RCB has always had the strongest batting line-ups with world-class players like Virat and ABD. Somehow, they manage to lose games, mainly due to their bowling attack.

RCB has a balanced squad this time around. Virat and his boys will look to get their hands on the prestigious IPL trophy that has been eluding them ever since the inception of the IPL in 2008. 

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