When Will the IPL 2021 Auction Start

When Will the IPL 2021 Auction Start

Cricket fans all over India are eager and excited to know all about the 2021 IPL auctions. The one question on every cricket fan’s mind is ‘when is IPL 2021 auction?’. That is why we have shared all the IPL 2021 auction details for our readers. The post includes all information that fans of IPL need to know. Share with us what you think about this post. Also suggest anything else that we can share for our readers.

When is IPL auction 2021?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a lot of changes in the world’s plans. IPL is no exception to this phenomenon. The IPL 2020 was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Reports reveal that the IPL Tournament is expected to be held this year. BCCI has insisted on the vaccination of all the players against Covid-19 pandemic before the commencement of the game. The tournament is expected to be held in the regular slot of April-May 2021.

The auction date of IPL 2021 which is T20 Tournament’s 14th edition is 18 February 2021 and will be held in Chennai. The auction is expected to begin at 3.30 pm as per the Indian Standard Time. All the cricket fans who are eagerly awaiting the auction date of IPL 2021 have some good news. They can now watch the IPL 2021 auction details live on Star Sports. Now, your query about when is IPL 2021 auction may have been cleared.

Quick Facts About the IPL 2021 Auction Details

Just knowing the auction date of IPL 2021 is not enough for the true IPL cricket fans. That is why we have also shared some quick facts about how the IPL 2021 Auction works. Read along and get enlightened about the IPL 2021 auction details.

Each franchise team shares a list of coveted players. Based on this, the selection committee shortlists players from the initial registered list of players. The initial number of players who registered their names for the IPL 2020 auction was 997. Out of this number, only 332 players were eventually shortlisted.

Now, when IPL 2021 auction is held, each of these 332 players will go under the hammer through the bidding process. The eight teams get to bid for these players using their budget. There is a base price that has been set for each player in the IPL. This is the minimum amount at which the bidding process starts. The BCCI holds a discussion prior to the auction to set the price of the different Indian players. The overseas players get to set their own base price. Different teams participate in the bidding process and the team willing to pay the highest price for the player gets the player.

Some Unique Facts About IPL 2021 Auction

IPL 2021 auction will be the first IPL auction where the teams won’t have any extra budget for the bidding process. This implies that the teams will release many of the high-profile players so that there is ample money in the team’s purse to prepare for the bidding process.

Here is a glimpse into the budget available for each team for the 2021 IPL auction:

Kings XI Punjab: 53.20 crores

Royal Challengers Bangalore: 35.90 crores

Rajasthan Royals: 34.85 crores

Chennai Super Kings: 22.90 crores

Mumbai Indians: 15.35 crores

Delhi Capitals: 12.90 crores

Kolkata Knight Riders: 10.75 crores

Sunrisers Hyderabad: 10.75 crores

Now that you are aware of the budget for each time, just get ready to watch the whole auction process live on your TV screens. Enjoy seeing your favourite players being a part of the best teams of IPL 2021.

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