When will IPL 2020 start?

When will IPL 2020 start?

IPL fans around the world have eagerly been waiting to know when exactly is the ipl 2020 start date. Every season, the best cricketers from the world compete against each other in IPL Leagues. There have been some delays in the announcement of the ipl start date 2020 because of the Covid-19 Pandemic threatening the world. We are here to share the answer to the question when will ipl 2020 start.

The IPL 2020 Start Date Has Been Announced

The reports reveal that the new season of IPL 2020 will commence on 19 September 2020. The IPL Governing Council Chairman Brijesh Patil has confirmed that IPL 2020 will be held in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Till now, it was believed that the IPL 2020 start date would be around 26 September 2020. The BCCI has decided for IPL start date 2020 to be a week earlier so that players get ample time to prepare for Australia tour later this year. There will be a four-match test series between India and Australia held in Australia starting from 3 December 2020. The players will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine period before they can step on the field to play the match. This would require time so the IPL 2020 start date has been preponed. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of changes to the planned schedule of cricket matches. The ICC has canceled the T20 World Cup which was to be held in 2020 due to this pandemic threat. This change in schedule has made it possible for the BCCI to reschedule the IPL 2020 start date. There will be a Governing Council meeting later in the week to make the dates official. However, resources reveal that BCCI has confirmed the new schedule with the 8 franchise teams playing for the IPL 2020. Another question that is lurking in the minds of fans apart from when will IPL 2020 start is when the finals for this season of IPL 2020 be held. The resources reveal that the final for IPL 2020 will be held on 8 November 2020 on a Sunday.

What IPL 2020 start date would mean for Fantasy Players?

There is another group of people who are completely eager to know when is IPL 2020 starting. These are fans of fantasy cricket gaming. These are players with ample cricketing knowledge who are eager to know when will IPL start so that they can start setting up their teams. Khelchamps is a fabulous fantasy cricket app that allows players to make bids on real players while the IPL matches are on. All you need to do is download the Khelchamps app on your smartphone device. The app is equally compatible with Android and iOS devices. Once the app has been downloaded, you need to sign up by verifying the details. If you have done this, you are all set to enjoy live gaming once you know when is IPL 2020 starting. You can pick the teams based on the past performances of players. You can then use your diligence to play and win on Khelchamps fantasy cricket app. Go ahead and download the app now to enjoy all the fun of IPL inspite of social distancing.

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