How Many Times RCB Has Played in IPL Finals?

How Many Times RCB Has Played in IPL Finals?

If you are a cricket enthusiast, you must have asked this question atleast once. You may have asked how many times RCB qualified for final. It does not matter whether you are an RCB fan or not. If you love cricket, you will be curious to know how the top teams have performed over the years. RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) is one of the favorite teams in IPL. Every season of IPL, this team puts up a splendid performance. That is why every cricket fan wants to know how many times did RCB play IPL the final. Here we have shared all facts about RCB’s performance in different IPL seasons over the years. Read and get all the information you are eager to know.

A Summary of RCB’s History in the IPL

RCB is a spectacular team that has not received enough credit for its performance. Most people do not even notice how many times RCB played final and were close to winning the trophy. While most people remember the epic performances of MI (Mumbai Indians) and CSK (Chennai Super Kings), RCB remains unnoticed. Across the 12 IPL editions, RCB has a qualification percentage of 41.67%. The RCB team had a great start as it made it to the final in three out of the first four IPL seasons. In the years 2009 and 2011, the RCB team finished runners up. RCB is a team that surely had its ups and downs. This is probably the reason why most people ignore how many times they saw RCB in finals. As we await a new season of IPL, let us hope that this team achieves the coveted trophy to improve its reputation and regain its identity among cricket lovers.

Some Spectacular Matches

If you are a fan of the RCB team, you will know how many times RCB qualified for final. You will also know that this team has a lot of potential. The RCB team was just 6 runs short of the Deccan Chargers or they may have won the trophy that season.

The 2016 IPL season is surely best in the RCB team history. Kohli scored maximum number of sixes and scored 973 runs in the 16 matches he played. Ab De Villiers was another unstoppable player from this team who scored 687 runs at an average of 52.84. He also acquired 37 maximums to his name.

Some Disappointing Losses

In 2011, RCB lost miserably when Daniel Vettori was the captain. The team lost against opponents CSK (Chennai Super Kings) by 6 wickets. Virat Kohli was the highest scorer for RCB in that season. His performance could not help the team win the trophy.

The Dry Period of RCB

Failures alone do not decide the fate of an IPL team. There was also a dry period in IPL career of the RCB team. The team failed to make play-offs from 2012 to 2014. This greatly affected the team’s reputation among the viewers.

A Final Note on RCB

RCB is surely a team with great potential. However, unless they acquire the much-coveted trophy, they won’t get the fame or appreciation they deserve. They need to focus on their performance and beat their opponents this season. Let us watch how the things turn in their favour this season of IPL.

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