How Many Times MI Won IPL Cup? Know it here

How Many Times MI Won IPL Cup? Know it here

Everyone is super excited as the IPL 2020 season is soon approaching. The cricket lovers around the globe are discussing their favourite field game. There are debates on which team has shown the best performance at all times. There are questions like how many times Mumbai Indians won IPL popping up in the minds of Mumbai Indians fans. So, while we are on this topic, let us just find out how many times MI won IPL.

Mumbai Indians hold the Cup the Fourth Time in IPL History in 2019

Don’t ever ask IPL fans MI won IPL how many times. This is going to lead to a huge debate. This is because while MI won the title a greater number of times, the competition was always pretty stiff. In the 2019 IPL Final Match, both Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings were on equal footing.

This made the 2019 IPL final match extremely spine chilling. The toss was won by Mumbai Indians and the team chose to bat. M.S. Dhoni, the captain of CSK said he would have chosen to bowl if his team had won the toss. The competition was stiff and the Mumbai Indians made 149/8 during their innings. The CSK bowlers managed to restrict the total score to this number. There was hope for Chennai Super Kings till the end. However, in the last over, CSK needed 9 runs. The excellent bowler from the Mumbai Indians team, Lasith Malinga, ensured that the team never managed to score the required runs. He also took two wickets in the last over. The exceptional performance by bowler Malinga was responsible for Mumbai Indians holding the cup in IPL a fourth time.

Stiff Competition by Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings with MS Dhoni as the captain is an exceptional team. The competition has always been stiff between MI and CSK. The game could change its course any minute when it is between these best cricket teams. The past records of the victories of each team against the other reveal the same. Here is a brief recap of how many times MI won IPL and the spine-chilling performances.

2010 CSK Vs MI

The Chennai Super Kings played against Mumbai Indians in the finals in 2010 under the captaincy of M.S. Dhoni. CSK won the title in that match.

2013 MI Vs CSK

The second final match played between MI and CSK was in 2013. Mumbai Indians won this match. Rohit Sharma was the captain of the winning team Mumbai Indians in 2013.

2015 MI Vs CSK

Caught up in the winning spree, Mumbai Indians just could not get over this habit. Mumbai Indians made a massive 202 in the 20 overs played. Chennai got out 161/8. MI bagged the trophy once again.

Both Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have excellent players in their teams. The matches played between these teams always enthrall the audiences. The suspense factor is what keeps the fans riveted to the screen.

Knowledge of Team Performances for Fantasy Cricket Stakes

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