How Many IPL Finals Have CSK Reached?

How Many IPL Finals Have CSK Reached?

Cricket fans of India surely have one team that they favour. That is what makes the IPL season so much more fun. The audiences are eager to see their favourite franchise team beat the opponent and win the IPL trophy. CSK (Chennai Super Kings) is one of the hot favourite teams of most IPL fans. This is because CSK is a strong team with many good players. Fans of CSK keep asking questions like how many times CSK went to finals and also wonder why they are not the super champions. It is true that CSK has reached the finals in IPL countless number of times. Read along to find out all about how many times CSK reached IPL final. The information we have shared here will also help you understand how the CSK team has performed right from the onset of IPL.

A Gist on How Many Finals CSK Played

The IPL history of the franchise team Chennai Super Kings is pretty interesting. CSK is the team that has made its way to maximum number of final matches in IPL. It is the irony of fate that they are not the super champions in IPL matches so far. They made their way to 8 IPL finals out of the total 13 IPL matches played so far. Mumbai Indians comes second on this list by making their place in 6 IPL finals. It is evident that CSK is a team with great potential. That is why they were able to make it to the final each time. The fate has not been in their favor. That is why they have won only 3 IPL finals while Mumbai Indians tops this list by winning 5 of these IPL seasons. The answer to the question how many times CSK go to final shows the misfortune of CSK evidently.

Detailed Information About How Many IPL Finals Have CSK Reached

Here we have shared detailed information about how many IPL finals played by CSK and how they performed in each case:

2008: In the first IPL season of 2008, CSK started strong but soon was restricted by Yusuf Pathan from opposing team Rajasthan Royals (RR). The RR bagged the inaugural IPL trophy and Yusuf Pathan was given the man of the match.

2010: In 2010, CSK beat their stiff opponents, the Mumbai Indians (MI) and won the trophy.

2011: This is one of the most spectacular wins of CSK history where they beat their opponents, RR, with a huge margin.

2012: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) won their first trophy by beating the consecutive winners of past two seasons CSK.

2013: MI again beat CSK in the final. Kieron Pollard had a great role to play in the victory of his team, the MI.

2015: MI again beat CSK by posing a huge target that CSK failed to achieve during the second innings.

2018: CSK earned back their lost prestige by beating Sunrisers Hyderabad (SH) in the 2018 IPL season.

Surely, you won’t have the question about how many times CSK played final in your mind anymore. You know about the team’s spectacular history in IPL. You also know that this is a team that deserves more appreciation than it already gets. As another IPL season will unroll soon, just keep your fingers crossed to see your favourite team win the IPL trophy.

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