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About Us

We are a nation where cricket is a religion. Our love for the game makes us follow not just the match but also the cricketers’ off-field activities. In the match, we play along with our cricketing heroes, ball by ball. That’s not all, Kabaddi is a traditional sport of India played since centuries, it is now getting more international exposure, it has even got its own league!

The most popular sport in the world – Football, is now gaining more popularity in India and it is only going to increase. More people now follow European clubs and watch their matches attentively, even India’s Football league and teams have more followers than before. We don’t just watch sports matches but also strategize and make our own game plans. We rejoice when our team wins, but when they lose the match, we feel our strategies could have made a difference.

KhelChamps team comes in at this juncture. Every day we come to the office to transform this dream into a living reality. We love sports & we love to bring this marvellous game right up to your fingertips. We work to set up this journey from the field to your mobile screen. Here, every run or goal scored will be cherished, every wicket down or goal given will be contemplated. Every team’s current standing and form will be analysed down to its players’ on field performance. All of this is what we have included in KhelChamps League. A league where you showcase your passion & skills for the game.

A sporting experience such unique, strategically crafted, and replicating those same “nail-biting” moments of a LIVE sports match that you will love it. Welcome to our KhelChamps League… where you strategize, build, play & earn.